Curious about what we're playing on this great radiostation?? well how 'bout this sort of tunes (and lots more ofcourse) ;-) Join us at discosender .com Discosender.... love it, or leave it!!!
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In Memory of .... Listen 4 the next 2 Hours -->> Amy Winehouse on DiscoSender
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Don't forget, it's DJ time this Friday evening at 20:00 From the Netherlands to the world "Journey through Discotheques Part 12"
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Anyone interested in another MIX episode of May the funk be with you?? Suggestions for the playlist for bands or singers with the letter L in their names? type it beneath this message or send a PM :-)
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Hallo Karlsruhe und Umgebung... Zeit am Sonntag Abend? Ja, dann nichts wie hin. ********* ********* Do you have time on Sunday evening? Here is a recommendation